What is the value of finding people that are a true fit for the positions in your company?

Based on over 50 years of research and and development, along with data from working with more than 25,000 companies, the HireTrue platform delivers reliable results you can count on.

High performing organizations use HireTrue to hire better, more consistently, and with less effort.

These hires stick around––reducing the effort and expense of sourcing, selection, and training. And they also drive better, more productive teams. The highest ranking candidates sell more, provide outstanding service, and are the cornerstones of a culture rooted in employee engagement.

And we have the data to prove it.

  • Employee Turnover
  • Selection Efficiency
  • Team Diversity
  • New Hire Productivity
  • Data and Analysis

Employee Turnover

According to the Department of Labor, the cost of turnover alone typically results in about six months’ worth of salary in added expense. By the time you pay to source and screen and select a replacement, you then get to retrain, too—the time and expense are more than a nuisance. HireTrue has consistently reduced turnover and forced turnover among our clients, resulting in significant cost savings.

Selection Efficiency

HireTrue allows your recruiting team to do what they do best. By talking to fewer people overall, team members can focus their time and attention toward engaging conversations and meaningful relationships with those candidates likely to be the most successful new hires. As a result, selection is more targeted, results are more productive, and candidate satisfaction improves throughout the process.

Team Diversity

Organizations of all types are increasingly attuned to the importance of diversity. HireTrue clients incorporate validated, world-class tools enabling them to target those attributes necessary to build a more inclusive team. The data allow clients to take an educated approach to candidates who might not look like those you’ve hired in the past, but whose key strengths likely make them your next top performers.

New Hire Productivity

Everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes these show up on the first day. Maybe it takes a week to identify underperformance. Or a month. Or six months. By better targeting selection and understanding a candidate more fully on day one, managers are able to guide and coach new hires more effectively, leading to a stronger early relationship and high performance among new hires.

Data and Analysis

Our tools aggregate data and automate analysis, while our team acts as an extension of your own—delivering unique insight, custom-built reporting, and big data analysis. In combination, these resources drive continuous quality improvement and predictive value as you get smarter over time. This happens while saving hundreds of hours per year as you are able to rely on our staff to handle key details.

Client Results

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What would finding the right fit save your organization?


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