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Rooted in 50-plus years of research and work with more than 25,000 companies around the world, HireTrue delivers an innovative suite of services enabling clients to screen, select, and develop better, more productive personnel—faster and more economically.

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How It Works


Identify What’s Most Important to Your Team

In less than 10 minutes, we guide you to identify the qualifications, background, and behavioral competencies most important to you and your team.


Your Candidates Complete
Our Smart Process

Candidates complete an intelligent process—branded to your organization—measuring interest, experience, skill, and personality attributes.


Instant AI Analysis And
Strengths-Based Ranking

Within seconds, we identify the unique strengths and weaknesses of each of your candidates, putting those most likely to succeed at the top of the list.


Unique Insights To
Drive Better Outcomes

Our tools help guide each step of the process, whether choosing whom to talk to, which questions to ask, or what to coach new hires on day one.


Tools to Drive Insight
And Efficiency

We help drive better process and hard-dollar savings through integrated, job-specific skills testing, background screening, and tax incentive processing.


On-Demand Reporting
And Big Data Analytics

We automate government-related record keeping, allow you to access snapshot data analysis, and explore the details behind selection activity.


A Closed-Loop Process
That Learns Over Time

Looking at those who’ve made it through your process and been most successful, our big data analytics help refine your selection model over time.

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