We are about measurement,
analysis, and results:

We leverage data science to bring candidates together with their best opportunity, and rigorous analysis to drive improved business outcomes.

With millions of behavioral attributes, millions of candidate and new hire measurements, and hundreds of thousands of hires throughout our work, we have the expertise to drive change and results within your organization.

As one of the earliest pioneers in the field of human resource software-as-a-service and big data machine learning, we have put together a world-class team of psychometricians, psychologists, statisticians, and leaders in the field.

Our Research

While our approach is technology-focused and leverages the latest science, our underlying tools have more than 50 years of research of behind them. And that research extends to nearly every industry. The assessment has been validated for use across a range of job families, from senior leaders and managers, to sales professionals, service providers, analysts, and even professional athletes.

Developed with best practices issued by:

Our tools have been developed with best practices issued by both the U.S. Department of Labor and the Uniform Guidelines of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Division 14 of the American Psychological Association. The assessments have undergone extensive validity studies—demonstrating test-retest validity and trait measurement, and a coefficient between scores and job performance that exceeds industry benchmarks. The tools have been rigorously shown to be valid indicators, and they further meet Uniform Guidelines, EEO and OFCCP compliance requirements.

Beyond our validity and reliability, we work to innovate—bringing together our decades of research, alongside metrics and data specific to your organization as we partner to drive innovative measurement, process, and business outcomes.

How does it work?

HireTrue Profiler

The HireTrue Profiler is a job interest matching tool delivered exclusively through the HireTrue platform. Based on decades of research, development, and hands-on experience understanding competencies required across a wide variety of roles and job types, the Profiler measures consistency between a candidate’s job interest, self-reported skill level, and experience against an ideal template specific to your organization. Templates are established at a position level, allowing you to assess each candidate against the very specifics of the role for which he or she is applying. Though the template is initially established ahead of time, it may be modified—rescoring and reranking candidates as your experience accumulates or your needs change. Together, we get smarter over time.

HireTrue FirstStep

Following the Profiler, a candidate will generally proceed to the HireTrue FirstStep. This instrument measures both cognitive skills and a wide variety job-related personality traits. Each of the FirstStep measurements is then correlated against the job-specific template, highlighting and automatically weighting those attributes impacting performance in the selected areas, and generating a “Potential” score. The instrument is divided into three sections that evaluate personality traits, problem-solving skills and behavioral tendencies. Results are reported in both graphic and text formats.

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