Our Smart Application Process

With a unique suite of services, our platform combines a mobile-first candidate experience, world-class availability, and proprietary insight into the potential of your next top performer. We incorporate a wide variety of features and benefits in order to deliver a faster, better, and smarter process. For an overview of these specific features click here.

Candidate Sourcing

With limited budgets, it is important to understand what really drives results. Our platform and team can help you maximize your return on investment with automated outreach and nurturing, pay-per-click measurement, job board posting, and social integration that encourages your staff to drive employee referral from their own network.

World-Class Behavioral Assessment

Leveraging more than 50 years of proprietary research and development, we interpret completed assessments and deliver quantified results of your candidate's potential within seconds. Our assessments help ensure that your top candidate is at the top of the list, that you ask smarter questions, and get the most out of each new hire.

Skills-Based Testing

Measuring a wide variety of skills—from software to clerical, accounting to reading comprehension—helps ensure the highest level of job performance. HireTrue provides access to a wide catalog of tests available on demand. In addition, custom-defined tests or packages allow you to match candidates to the particular group of skills you require.

Measurement of Individual Integrity

Available in an exclusive beta, the HireTrue Integrity Assessments measure candidate ethics, integrity and conscientiousness by identifying the internal codes that drive people when solving ethical dilemmas at work. These scientific techniques are able to overcome what might be a specific candidate's tendencies and deliver remarkable results.

Criminal Background Screening

For many roles, security and records checks are critical. While saving time and money, you can meet your pre-employment hiring requirements with screening available through HireTrue. We offer a wide variety of checks—from identity and education verification to criminal background, along with nationwide database and offender registry access.

Tax Incentive Processing

Through our integrated tax incentive processing, we'll take care of nearly everything with regard to key programs and opportunities: the analysis, routing of forms to state offices, and following up on every hire we feel should be certified. There is no longer any reason to miss out because of the painstaking effort. We do the work. You get the credits.

The New Hire Service Plan

A unique integration of our assessment and organizational leadership, the New Hire Service Plan ensures that you and your new hire have the best possible experience. Through sessions our experts help to coach both individuals and managers—ensuring that new team members acclimate quickly and effectively.

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Customized and Cloud-Based

HireTrue resides on secure, cloud-based infrastructure that ensures high availability. While customization can include sophisticated integration, you are up and running without any IT assistance.

The Smart Application Process

Your candidates follow a branded, engaging, and mobile-optimized process, unique to your company—and to the position they are applying for. The experience is multilingual and user-friendly.

Pre-Screening Questions

Intelligent tools allow you to customize the flow and follow-up of questions—prequalifying candidates, often eliminating phone screening, and further narrowing the pool to those most likely to succeed.

Activity Alerts and Summary

Proactive messages can be dispatched as you have new candidates, or as a daily digest where we summarize your open positions, new candidates, and highlight individual scores.

Ranking and Interview Preparation

Dynamic scoring enables you to focus on those likeliest to succeed, while a behavioral-based interview guide allows you to target the unique strengths and weaknesses of the candidate.

Advanced Search and Messaging

Quickly identify those candidates that meet the criteria that you’re looking for, and provide customized follow-up with both matches and misses through automated and integrated communication.

Tracking and Status

Candidate status is tracked and shared among the team, keeping a log of both internal and external steps, along with feedback throughout the application, review, and decision making process.

Collaboration and Comments

Getting your team onto the same page, we allow for customized statuses and applicant flow, collaborative comments, and candidate sharing across your recruiting organization and individual managers.

Scheduling and Tracking

Coordinate your initial screening, next steps, interviews, and internal conversations throughout the process by tracking your team’s actions, integrating calendars and scheduled follow-up.

Workflow Customization

Identify the required steps and approval necessary to move candidates throughout your process, from interview to hire. We setup approval requests, and ensure transparency along the way.

Offer and Onbording Management

Forget the paper, and the back and forth. Electronic forms allow you to extend an offer and onboarding materials, while digitally capturing your necessary contracting and compliance paperwork.

Job Posting and Social Referral

Your roles can be automatically posted from HireTrue to your favorite job boards, in addition to being shared with partners, and socially by employees and their networks throughout social media.

Source Tracking

We allow you to effectively track the source of candidates—whether from referrals, job boards, or your own team—and to maximize your ROI by focusing on the most productive sources.

Reporting and Analytics

View statistics and trends at a glance, hiring velocity, aggregate personality insights, along with government-mandated record keeping, and the ability to export specific data for further analysis.

EEO Compliance

In addition to screening, you are able to incorporate unique EEO-compliant question types that allow you to confidently capture aggregate data without disclosing the individual responses to recruiters.

Flexible Permissions

Making sure that the right users see the right data, permissions are setup around specific data and specific users to your precise criteria—by individual, role, or level within the organization.

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